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Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium comprising the Government of Catalonia, the Government of the Balearic Islands, and the Barcelona City Council. Its mission is the support and promotion of Catalan language and culture abroad, in all its forms and means of expression.
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04/03/2021 Arts

MELTING SPACES: When restrictions become options

One year after a global sanitary emergency artists, curators, researchers and cultural institutions more than ever are dissolving boundaries in between the digital, the public space and the traditional ways of coming together sharing a cultural experience.Since March 2020 they all had been forced to find alternative ways for the on-site community encounter. This talk series proposes a reflection about how cultural practices changed and which options evolve. It will be an opening space to discuss ...
15/02/2021 Literature
 /  Chicago, virtual 
02/02/2021 Gastronomy

Cava's Place, a discussion with Dr. Robert Davidson of the University of Toronto

Dr. Bob Davidson writes, “While Catalan cava may be the most popular sparkling wine in Spain, during the first decades of the twenty-first century, it has become a controversial product. From campaigns protesting Catalonia’s push for increased sovereignty to internal divisions within its regulatory Denomination of Origin, the very meaning of 'cava,' what it is, where it is from and what drinking it denotes, has become contested."
 /  New York, virtual 
02/02/2021 Literature

Catalan Novel in Translation

"Catalan Novel in Translation" is a roundtable with Mary Ann Newman (Scholar-in-Residence, NYU), Peter Bush (Literary translator), Chad W. Post (Open Letter Books/Univ. of Rochester), and Helena Buffery (Univ. College Cork, Ireland). The webinar will be introduced by Michael Gatan (NYU) and moderated by Jordana Mendelson (NYU).
 /  New York, ONLINE 
28/01/2021 Cinema

Josep Bartolí's Imprint: A Catalan Exile at the Center of New York's Avant-Garde Scene

A touching tribute from one illustrator to another, Josep, an award-winning debut feature film by Le Monde cartoonist Aurel recounts a painful chapter of French history through the life of Catalan artist Josep Bartolí. During the Spanish Civil War, Bartolí, an anti-Franco activist, fled across the Pyrénées in hopes of finding freedom in France. However, French police captured and held him in a series of refugee camps. Drawing on Bartolí’s ...
28/01/2021 paperllull
 /  USA 
18/12/2020 Music

Visca l'amor - A new recording of 20th & 21st Century Catalan Art Songs

With focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, this recording showcases six song cycles by Frederic Mompou, Eduard Toldrà, Joan Comellas, Ricard LaMotte de Grignon, Narcís Bonet, and finally a world premiere recording of a new commission by living Catalonian composer, Elisenda Fábregas. This project not only furthers the scholarship in Catalan vocal literature, but also celebrates in song the human journey that is both tender and boisterous.
13/12/2020 paperllull

L’Alguer and its Catalan-language poetry: an exceptional surprise

The small Catalan cultural and linguistic community in L’Alguer, a town in the north-west corner of Sardinia, as well as the poetry written there from the mid-twentieth century onwards, are perhaps two exceptional and surprising singularities. Poet and academic Joan-Elies Adell shines a light on the poetry in Catalan produced in this Sardinian town.
 /  En línia 
11/12/2020 Language

Reading and sharing Marta Orriol’s work

The Center for Catalan Studies at Queen Mary University of London has organized, with the support of Pushkin Press, an online reading group on Learning to Talk to Plants, the award-winning novel by Marta Orriols, recently published in the United Kingdom. The event will feature the participation of the author and Mara Faye Lethem, translator of the work into English.
06/12/2020 paperllull

Jordi-Pere Cerdà, a borderland writer

This year, 4 November marked 100 years since the birth of Jordi-Pere Cerdà (Sallagosa, 1920–Perpinyà, 11 September 2011), one of the most unique poetic voices in Catalan literature. And one of the most unknown, hidden under piles of clichés and reductive labels.
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